Into the Wild: A&K Unveils 2025 Luxury Expedition Cruises! Adventure Galore!

Seals are among the marine life that travelers can spot in the eco-majestic Galapagos Islands. Phto copyrighted by Jean Faucett.

Ever thought about a luxury expedition cruise? Certainly, many expedition cruise ships travel to the ends of the Earth. That said, there’s a lot of highly remote turf between the Arctic region and Antarctica. With that in mind, Abercrombie & Kent (A&K) has unveiled an enhanced 2025 Luxury Expedition Cruises portfolio.

“A&K’s goal is to offer travelers with an exploratory spirit a greater range of destinations and small-ship experiences for their vacation next year,” says Shelby Steudle, president, Pavlus Travel. “So, A&K will offer 24 cruises across seven continents and 33 countries.

“Give us a call to discuss all the options and tell us about what you’d like to see, do, and experience on vacation,” she adds. “We’re here to assist with no service fees ever and we’ll match you to the right voyage or land trip. We’ll also assure you get the best pricing and the added value of any limited time promotions or amenities.”

(The photo above shows sea lions napping on a Galapagos Islands beach. Photo copyrighted by Jean Fawcett.)

Luxury Expedition Cruises: Top of the Lineup!

Can you imagine yourself on a remote beach gazing at sea lions? Or, how about viewing a rookery teeming with seabirds, or watching in awe as a gigantic tortoise lumbers across the landscape? Those are all “eco-experiences” that guests can enjoy during a Galapagos Islands vacation.

“Revealing the world’s most remote destinations has always been the driving force behind our expedition cruises,” says Stefanie Schmudde, A&K’s senior vice president of global product strategy. In the latest addition, she cites A&K’s new “Ultimate Galapagos Expedition.

Schmudde says the eco-intensive voyage in Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands will unfold aboard Ecoventura’s luxurious adventure yacht, Theory, an A&K exclusive.

Expeditions and Enrichment

A&K’s Expedition Team will sail with travelers and accompany them on shore excursions to spot wildlife and birds. Team members will also head out with guests for snorkeling, kayaking and Zodiac excursions.

Onboard, guests on this “Ultimate Galapagos Expedition” can expect enrichment lectures and luxurious Relais & Châteaux hospitality.

Beyond the incredible Galapagos Islands, guests can also choose other new A&K island-hopping adventures. “We are enhancing our cultural small-ship offerings with an immersive new journey through Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Scotland’s Shetland Islands and the Isle of Skye,” explains Laurence Gosset-Lukaszczyk, A&K’s director, luxury expedition cruising.

He adds that the luxury expedition cruises “will allow travelers to discover the history, cuisine and enduring traditions that breathe life into these remote destinations beyond their natural splendor.”

Luxury Expedition Cruises: New in Northern Europe

On August 9, 2025, A&K’s guests will depart on that new, 10-day “Cruising Iceland, the Faroes, Scotland & Ireland” expedition cruise. They’ll travel off the beaten path with A&K’s expedition team to explore subarctic islands, volcanic landscapes, rugged coastlines and diverse birdlife.

This luxury expedition voyage will begin in Iceland’s capital of Reykjavik. Guests will experience Iceland’s natural and cultural wonders before embarking on an exploration of the country’s volcanic Westman Islands.

The Westman Islands of Iceland. Photo by Susan J. Young.
(Exploring the rugged Westman Islands of Iceland is part of an A&K luxury expedition itinerary. Photo by Susan J. Young.)

Travelers will also explore the picturesque Faroe Islands of Denmark, plus several destinations in Scotland — the Shetland Islands’ historic port of Lerwick, and the Isle of Skye.

If you’re an eco-enthusiast, you’ll love Noss, a remote Shetland Island enclave renowned for its seabird colonies, coastal cliffs, marine mammals and wildflowers. A&K’s guests can explore via Zodiac excursions.

What’s to observe on Noss? Its towering cliffs are abundant with nesting guillemots, gannets, fulmars and puffins. Plus, harbor seals, grey seals, otters and porpoises often frequent its shorelines and coastal waters.

Returning Favorite Expeditions

In addition to new itineraries, the A&K 2025 Luxury Expedition Cruises portfolio includes many polar, cultural and warm-water voyages that have been popular with guests in past seasons.

They reach every corner of the globe. Two “ends of the Earth” options are these:


Rose Morrissey, an experienced Pavlus Travel personal travel planner, hikes up a hill in Antarctica. Photo by Rose Morrissey.
(Rose Morrissey, an experienced Pavlus Travel personal travel planner, hikes up a hill in Antarctica. Photo by Rose Morrissey.)

Culturally Rich Explorations: Europe and Asia

Cultural cruises with a choice of A&K-included shore excursions are a great way for travelers to discover or rediscover favorite destinations. Guests also will visit multiple destinations for a lengthier, more comprehensive expedition.

A sampling of these options includes:


Travel to the movies in Greece, recalling sites and sounds of Mama Mia. Photo by Susan J. Young.
(The white-washed homes of the Greek Isles await travelers cruising within this eastern Mediterranean region. Photo by Susan J. Young.)

Warm-Water Adventures: Africa and SE Asia

If highly exotic locales are your vacation dream, then check out A&K’s luxury expedition cruises along the coast of Tanzania or the shores of Indonesia.

“During these warm-water expeditions, travelers can ‘go beyond the guidebook’ and discover exotic destinations, unique cultures, incredible wildlife and a healthy dose of sun, sand and surf,” says Pavlus Travel’s Steudle.

For instance, consumers seeking an exotic side to their vacation should check out these two A&K luxury expedition cruises!

A&K Differences: What Sets the Expeditions Apart?

33 Years of Experience: A&K’s first expedition to Antarctica set sail in 1991. Since then, more than 400 voyages have sailed. Today, though, A&K’s mission has remained the same. Its goal is to introduce curious travelers to epic frontiers and unspoiled lands under the auspices of a highly skilled expedition team.

Top Land-and-Sea Experts: Every aspect of every voyage has been planned by A&K’s expedition cruising experts. Once the adventure begins, A&K’s famed expedition team of real-life explorers and acclaimed experts will also join guests every step of the way. Guests will enjoy highly immersive, enriching experiences.

Vessels for Every Destination: A&K prides itself on selecting the ideal small ship for every destination. That means a luxury expedition cruiser for polar voyages; small explorer ships for cultural and warm-water journeys; and an elegant adventure yacht in the Galápagos. Exacting standards of service also mean no more than 10 guests aboard a Zodiac or 25 guests on any cultural shore excursion.

Parting Thoughts: Luxury Expedition Cruises

If you’re seeking an all-inclusive, luxury expedition cruise, A&K is certainly one good option to discuss with your personal travel planner. Fares include special events, curated shore excursions, an elegant culinary program, gratuities, Wi-Fi and laundry, for instance.

And depending on the expedition, guests also can explore fascinating pre-cruise destinations; those land packages include stays in luxury hotels and signature guided A&K excursions.

Sound interesting? Here’s the link to Abercrombie & Kent’s 2025 Luxury Expedition Cruises portfolio. There you’ll find details about the itineraries, starting fares, accommodations choices and more. Then chat with a Pavlus Travel advisor for top-notch service and a great deal — helping to ensure that you get all you deserve.

Did you know that A&K also plans to offer river cruises in Peru? Yes, that’s in its plan for 2025.

Be sure to learn more about all of the A&K experiences by contacting your personal travel planner.  Use the helpful contact details below.

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