Find Out the Latest Travel Trends. What’s Happening?

American consumers pick Florida as their second top destination for travel during the next 12 months. The skyline of Jacksonville is shown above. Photo by Visit Florida.

If you love staying on top of the latest travel trends, then The Meandering Traveler has a few tidbits today to whet your appetite.  Here are highlights from two different arenas.

Latest Travel Trends: Intent to Travel is High

So let’s dive into the latest “Portrait of American Travelers” study. In this latest research study from MMGY Global Travel Intelligence, 76 percent of Americans say they plan to take a vacation in the next 12 months. That’s up from 70 percent at the same time a year ago.

In fact, nearly two-thirds (64 percent) of the 4,600 Americans surveyed also said they plan to take a trip within the next six months. That’s a significant boost from the 58 percent who said so in a previous research report in October 2023.

(Photo above shows the Jacksonville, FL, skyline. Hint: The survey revealed that Florida is among the top U.S. states for planned domestic travel this year. Photo by Visit Florida.)

Latest Travel Trends: Travel Sentiment is Trending Higher

MMGY Travel Intelligence’s “Traveler Sentiment Index” (TSI) has also shown a slight increase over February 2023. It’s risen from 109 to 113.

What’s the meaning? This index is focused on six variables from within the overall survey results. Those include the consumer’s interest in travel, time available for travel, personal finances available for travel, the affordability of travel, quality of service and safety of travel.

MMGY has been measuring these factors since 2007. The company cites growing optimism in both domestic and international travel as the prime reasoning for this year’s slight increase in the TSI.

Simply put, “overall interest and intent to travel continue to rise,” emphasizes Chris Davidson, executive vice president, MMGY Travel Intelligence. “Travelers are continuing to prioritize spending on experiences,” he adds.

For example, culinary fans might prioritize their spending for an ultra-luxury Silversea cruise to enjoy the line’s in-depth S.A.L.T. (Sea and Land Tastes) programming. Or, they might opt for an upcoming, limited-time event such as Virgin Voyages’ “Food & Drink Festival” in July 2024.

More Survey Takeaways

After Hawaii, Florida is the second most desired U.S. state for vacation by American travelers in 2024. Above, a snorkeler iis shown in the Florida Keys' Bahia Honda State Park. Photo by Visit Florida.
(After Hawaii, Florida is the second most desired U.S. state for vacationing by American travelers in 2024. Above, a snorkeler is shown in Bahia Honda State Park in the Florida Keys. Photo by Visit Florida.)

Other survey takeaways?

  • Rising costs, inflation and gas prices are having less of an impact on travel plans when compared to October 2023.
  • There’s only a slight decline year-over-year in travelers who consider international trips to be safe.
  • Millennials and high-income households are leading the way in increased travel spending intentions.
  • Those travel spending intentions have also reached the highest level since the COVID-19 pandemic.


The survey showed that many travelers consider sustainability in travel planning. In fact, 56 percent say they’re willing to pay more to support environmentally responsible providers.

In particular, “Generation Z and Millennial travelers rank sustainability especially high when making travel decisions,” MMGY reports.

Latest Travel Trends: Domestic Favorites

Hawaii is one of the top destinations that consumers would like to visit, according to MMGY's most recent Portrait of American Travelers survey. Stunningly gorgeous scenery awaits along the Kauai coastline in Hawaii. Photo by Seabourn.
Hawaii is the top U.S. destination that consumers desire to visit, according to MMGY’s most recent “Portrait of American Travelers” survey. Kauai’s scenic coast is shown above. Photo by Seabourn.)

So, when leisure travelers head for a U.S. domestic destination, what states would they like to visit within the coming year? Well, number one is Hawaii (67 percent), followed closely by Florida (66 percent).

Then consumers picked California (57 percent) and Colorado (56 percent).

Leading as the top destinations of interest were Las Vegas, NV, at 59 percent, and tied at 58 percent, Maui and Honolulu.

For more information on MMGY Global Intelligence’s “Portrait of American Travelers” study, now in its 34th year, visit

Top Travel Trends: International Insight

Soaring in travel interest this spring is France, based on our feedback from top travel suppliers. That’s not surprising, given that France will host the 2024 Olympics. Plus, this year is the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings on Normandy beaches during World War II.

Tauck's Emerald is shown docked in Lyon, France. Photo by Tauck.
(France is poised to become the top international travel destination in 2024. Shown above is Tauck’s Emerald docked in Lyon. Photo by Tauck.)

Other areas of France are popular too, such as the Rhone River Valley for river cruises, and Bordeaux, France, for its ocean and river options to explore French wine culture. The Meandering Traveler wrote earlier this week about Seabourn’s new Collection cruises in 2025, one of which calls at Bordeaux for a special shoreside wine-focused experience. 

Look for an upcoming blog focused on France vacations, whether by an ocean cruise, river cruise or escorted tour. And if you’re ready to plan your vacation now, just follow the Pavlus Travel information below to chat with a skilled personal travel planner.

Happy travels!

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