Join Me May 6 for a Last-Minute Getaway on Explora Journeys’ Luxurious Explora I!

Explora Journeys will launch in summer 2023. Six new ships are planned through 2028. Photo by Susan J. Young.

If you’re thinking, “I sure wish that I’d booked a last-minute, luxury cruise getaway this spring,” well, there’s still time! Why not join me, Craig Pavlus, founder of Pavlus Travel, on a fabulous, pampering close-to-home vacation on Explora Journeys?

I’m looking forward to sailing with Pavlus Travel customers as well as meeting new people aboard the new Explora 1. But the journey departs very soon — May 6, 2024, from Vancouver to Los Angeles.

But, just in case you’re hankering for a quick getaway, why not talk with one of our personal travel planners about joining me. It’s just over two weeks away, but there’s still time to book and sail close to home — along the Canada/U.S. West Coast.

(See photo above of Explora I. Photo by Explora Journeys)

Truly, I just can’t wait to see this luxurious new ship, launched in 2023. It has 461 sumptuous, spacious suites ranging from 377 square feet to 1,345 square feet.

What’s ahead? I’m looking forward to relaxing in my sumptuous suite and admiring the sea views. Throughout the voyage, I’m also eagerly anticipating dining on world-class cuisine, savoring creative cocktails and fine wine, enjoying pool time and listening to enrichment talks and light entertainment.

Indoor pool on Explora I features a retractable roof for all-weather use. Photo by Explora Journeys.
s (The indoor pool — one of five on Explora I — has a retractable roof for all-weather use. Photo by Explora Journeys.)

A Luxurious Six-Night Experience

Best of all, it’s a six-night voyage. In my view, that’s just long enough to savor a pampering, luxurious vacation. Yet, it’s also a great length for those with limited time and others who desire a last-minute, close-to-home getaway.

Explora Journeys’ new “Journey Tracing North America’s Pacific Shores” also conveniently embarks and debarks guests from two North American ports that have much air service. And along the way, guests will enjoy three sea days as well as destination time in Astoria, OR, and San Francisco, CA.

Exploring Ashore

Many travelers are familiar with the exciting things to see and do in the San Francisco Bay area — everything from riding a Cable Car to exploring the Presidio and Chinatown. But for those who don’t know much about Astoria, here’s a look at the 15 Best Things to Do in Astoria.

Among them is a visit to the Astoria Column atop Coxcomb Hill for a 360-degree view of the city, Columbia River, and surrounding forests. The spectacular views include Saddle Mountain to the south, the Pacific Ocean to the west, The Astoria-Megler Bridge to the North, and lush green forests to the east.

Plus, artistic murals wrap the column and reveal Astoria’s history from 1792 to the 1800s. Did you know that Astoria itself was named after John Jacob Astor who predicted that the hill would become the new “New York City of the West.” Well, that didn’t happen, but travelers love Astoria for its charming old-town feel.

Explora Journeys: An Ocean State of Mind

Explora Journeys tells guests that each journey aboard the 813-foot-long Explora I will foster an “ocean state of mind.” Yes, prolific sea views are a big part of the draw. Couple that with high-quality dining, fine wine, creative cocktails, enrichment, relaxation and personalized, intuitive service.

Certainly, I’m eager to experience what this new luxury line is all about. I’d love for some of our loyal Pavlus Travel customers to join me if you’re up for a last-minute getaway.

Did you know that this brand doesn’t consider itself a cruise line, nor that its vessels are traditional, classic cruise ships? Instead, think of it as a fine, luxurious “hospitality” product.

So, if you enjoy staying at luxury resorts or hotels on land, I believe that Explora Journeys should strongly appeal to you. 

In turn, Explora Journeys emphatically states that it serves “guests” (not passengers). Plus, they’re served by “hosts” (not crew members). But I believe that it’s not just the semantics that vary. Here’s why.

First of Six New Ships

Launched in August 2023, Explora I is the first of six intimate Explora Journeys’ ships planned for delivery by 2028. For its intimate size, Explora I offers an amazing nine culinary experiences. My mouth is watering now in thinking about all the savory options.

Explora I also offers much for those who love relaxing by the pool and in any kind of weather. You’ll find not one, not two, not three and not four pools aboard. Instead, you’ll find FIVE pools, four indoor and one that’s outside.

Explora Journeys: Spacious Suites

Grand Ocean Terrace Suites on Explora Journeys. Photo by Explora Journeys.
(An Ocean Grand Terrace Suite on Explora I. Photo by Explora Journeys.)

But, of course, it’s the 461 spacious suites that I’m most excited about. And when I say “spacious,” I truly mean that.

For instance, the Ocean Terrace Suites start at 377 square feet! Guests will have lots of natural light and ocean views via the floor-to-ceiling windows and private balcony.

In just one price sample, at press time, guests could book this for $1,925 per person, double occupancy.

Love spending time outdoors? Then choose the Ocean Grand Terrace Suites, which have a perk of a larger private balcony.

Penthouse Suites

For even more space, Explora I’s Penthouse Suites range from 409 square feet to 463 square feet, and start at $5,900 per person, double occupancy.

Choose one of these and you’ll enjoy an in-suite lounge area with a comfortable sofa and chairs, workspace and even an elegant private dining area for four. That’s a plus for guests who enjoy entertaining in their suite.

To move up to the next category, check out the Penthouses. Here’s a link to Explora Journeys’ information about the four different categories of Penthouse Suites. Those include Ocean, Deluxe, Premier and Grand Penthouses.

The Ultimate in Suite Luxury

Seeking the top digs on Explora I? You have two options. First, check out Explora Journeys’ website page about the Ocean Residences. Each of the Ocean Residences – Cove, Retreat, Serenity, Cocoon — have names inspired by the calming nature of the oceans.

Simply put, you’ll enjoy a condo-like, tranquil residence. Think of a private sanctuary with luxury appointments, sweeping private decks, private outdoor whirlpools and butler services.  At press time, pricing for a Cove Residence on the May 6 sailing started at $7,900 per person, double occupancy.

And then there’s the ultimate in luxury — the Owner’s Residence, the largest living space on board. This top category suite has a private outdoor terrace that extends over the full ship’s width! It also has an infinity whirlpool. Plus, you’ll discover intuitive private butler services by the Residence Manager.

Now IS the Time! Book Now for a Great Deal!

Explora I's Lobby and Lobby Bar. Photo by Explora Journeys.
(You’ll find plenty of nooks, crannies and relaxation spots aboard Explora I. Here’s a look at what to expect in the Lobby and Lobby Bar. Photo by Explora Journeys.)

Okay, so what are you waiting for? If you’d like a close-in, spring 2024 getaway on the luxurious Explora I, then join me for the May 6, 2024, sailing from Vancouver to Los Angeles. Space is still available.

I’d love to meet you, enjoy a drink in one of the lounges, and see you at onboard programs and activities. I always enjoy socializing with our loyal Pavlus Travel guests and meeting new customers as well.

Good to know? Pavlus Travel offers unadvertised discount prices or amenities on Explora Journeys’ cruises. So, if you’re really interested in saving money with great customer service by a skilled travel planner, make a smart move to give us a call today.

You can easily reach us — without obligation — at 800-528-9300 for a Quick Explora Quote. Your questions are welcome. We’re here to provide you with superb service.

Explora Journeys: Need More Time?

Of course, I realize this is coming up fast — just 17 days away. I just recently booked it myself. So, if some of you need more time, I understand. Fortunately, Explora Journeys has many enticing vacation options this year and in 2025.

So, again, chat with one of our skilled travel planners about this boutique luxury brand’s full portfolio of upcoming journeys.

But for those who are ready for a close-in getaway, I hope to see you aboard the May 6 sailing of Explora I. Let’s sail along the Canadian/U.S. West Coast, enjoy three days at sea and go ashore to explore Astoria, OR, and San Francisco, CA.

 I can’t wait to sink into this luxurious new journey,  designed to foster an “ocean state of mind.” See you aboard! 

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