Razzle Dazzle Virgin Voyages! One Dining Hot Spot on Scarlet Lady

The chic, contemporary Razzle Dazzle is one of 20 dining experiences aboard Virgin Voyages' Scarlet Lady. Photo by Susan J. Young.

Last week, The Meandering Traveler sailed on Virgin Voyages 2,770-passenger Scarlet Lady. Yes, you’ve likely heard that it’s quite a different cruise experience — with plenty of fun activities. It’s razzle dazzle on Virgin Voyages, for sure.

Most notably, Virgin, which promises an “Epic Sea Change” from a traditional cruise, is adults only. So, no, you won’t find any children aboard. 

Virgin also thinks a bit differently than other lines. It calls its guests “sailors” and they’re served by “hosts,” not crew. But the onboard concept differentiators go far beyond simple semantics. 

(The above photo shows the Razzle Dazzle restaurant on board Scarlet Lady. Photo by Susan J. Young.)

Eclectic “Included” Dining

One important differentiator is how guests dine while aboard. Virgin doesn’t offer a large main dining room nor are there any “extra cover charge” specialty restaurants.

Instead, guests dine in 20 different restaurants — from a Test Kitchen to a Korean BBQ, from a food market to a Mexican eatery. Many menus are created by Michelin-star chefs.

We‘d equate the dining concept to what people might encounter in a fun, friendly downtown urban area — “walkable streets” (in this case, multiple decks) lined with diverse eateries. 

We dined in many venues during our weeklong cruise. At times, for some of the most popular eateries, we made reservations (on the Virgin Voyages app). Other times, we just walked in and were accommodated.

Overall, it was a savory experience on the dining front. Stay tuned for our full report next week with firsthand insight and tips for readers about the Virgin Voyages experience. We’ve just arrived home, are still unpacking, and so that’s coming soon.

But to whet your appetite, here’s a look at the aptly named Razzle Dazzle restaurant.

The Cool, Casual Razzle Dazzle on Virgin Voyages

Razzle Dazzle, a “go-to” casual eatery, has superb service, unique dishes and a cool, contemporary vibe. We dined here for both breakfast/brunch and in the evening.

During our Virgin cruise, Razzle Dazzle was typically open from 7 a.m. to noon or 1 p.m. and then again from 5:45 p.m. to 10 p.m. To be honest, we’d have returned here again –probably several times — had we sailed on a bit longer cruise. Other “sailors” said the same.

Immediately noticeable? It’s definitely a different dining experience at a casual, chic eatery when there are no “little human” guests. Talking to other guests at dinner, most felt Virgin’s adults-only policy provides for a more relaxing sailing experience.

In particular, they liked the change in “feel” for the casual eateries. Simply put, on many other lines, the casual restaurants typically attract many families with active (often vocal) kids in tow. 

Coming to Virgin was a plus for many of the guests. One Millennial couple told us they’d left their three kids “with grandma.”

Bottom line? They needed a break and were happily cruising — “just for ourselves” on a romantic couple’s getaway. 

Diverse Menu Choices

One facet we like about Razzle Dazzle’s menu is its diversity. Sailors will find both health-conscious and glutenous (meats and sweets) choices.

For instance, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free labels are nicely labeled on all the menu choices, if applicable. But the menus also listed certain dishes under the umbrella of “Naughty.” We got a chuckle out of that.

Savory Brunch: Razzle Dazzle on Virgin Voyages

One day we sauntered into Razzle Dazzle at 11 a.m. or so. We ordered the wild mushroom frittata with goat cheese, arugula and sunchoke, and we’d absolutely recommend it to others.

When it was delivered to our table (a generous serving, we might add), we dug in right away. Oops, then we realized we forgot to take a photo for readers first before scooping out one spoonful. But it was so tasty and nicely presented that we decided to share that photo here anyway (see photo below).

A tasty wild mushroom frittata and incredible carmelized bacon were our go-to choices for brunch one day at Razzle Dazzle. Photo by Susan J. Young.
(A tasty wild mushroom frittata and the insanely tasty and crunchy caramelized bacon were our go-to choices for brunch one day at Razzle Dazzle. Photo by Susan J. Young.)

What absolutely blew us away, though, was a side item labeled “Naughty” on the menu. Yes, it was bacon — not just any bacon, but bit-thicker-than-the-norm, caramelized bacon.

In fact, it was SO good that we wolfed it down and, having no shame, ordered a second serving. The younger couple at the next table looked a bit surprised that we’d ordered seconds.

But then the man ordered it too. When it came, he took a bite and then emphatically said, “oh, my gosh!” Smiling at us, he nodded his head, and said, “You’re right! It is fabulous.”

Brunch: Razzle Dazzle on Virgin Voyages

Not what you would have chosen for your late morning meal? Here are other “mains” listed on our Razzle Dazzle breakfast/brunch menu.

  • An acai bowl with fresh coconut, banana, mango and pineapple (vegetarian).
  • Sunny side hash with sunny side eggs, Napa cabbage kimchi, root vegetables and scallion yogurt.
  • Malted buckwheat waffle with pistachios, Chantilly cream, and cherry maple syrup (vegetarian).
  • Razzle Dazzle breakfast of scrambled eggs, a sage Impossible patty, roasted mushrooms and Yukon gold potatoes (vegetarian and gluten free).
  • Impossible burger with poblano salsa, paprika vegenaise, avocado and choice of salad or fries (vegan).


Virgin also offered two other “mains” that were designated on the menu as “Naughty” items!

  • The “everything” salmon bowl with brown rice, a 64-degree poached egg, assorted pickles, avocado and sherry vinaigrette (gluten free).
  • Fried chicken sandwich with beet aioli, a black bun and choice of salad or fries.


Dinner Menu: Razzle Dazzle on Virgin Voyages

Razzle Dazzle, one of 20 eateries on Scarlet Lady, has a contemporary look and feel; friendly service; and tasty cuisine. Photo by Susan J. Young.
(Razzle Dazzle, one of 20 eateries on Scarlet Lady, has a contemporary look and feel, friendly service and tasty cuisine. Photo by Susan J. Young.)

For dinner one night, we had reservations and it was a popular spot. We were quickly seated and the staff were quite accommodating. We had a table for eight, but only three of us were able to come.

So, one fellow diner asked the host if it would be possible to move to a table for four. He was very accommodating; we were shown to a window-side table and had a much more convivial meal.

Dinnertime Starters at Razzle Dazzle

We liked that the nighttime menu for starters had three categories based on the tastes/style of the cuisine — raw, cured or crispy. So, for starters, these were the choices:

  • Raw: avocado Green Goddess salad with shallot crumbles, radishes and herbs (vegetarian), or yellowfin tuna tartare with pickled red onion, pine nut crumble and basil.
  • Cured: king trumpet carpaccio with crispy leek, pickled beech, mushrooms, watercress salad and herb salsa (vegan and gluten-free), or pork belly with bourbon maple glaze and kohlrabi slaw (gluten-free).
  • Crispy: fried green tomatoes and okra with chili lime spice and fresh chili herb sauce (vegan), or Old Bay chicken wings with Fresno chili, garlic and peppercorn aioli.


Fried green tomatoes and okra were among the starter options at Razzle Dazzle aboard Virgin Voyages' Scarlet Lady. Photo by Susan J. Young.
(This fried green tomato and okra appetizer was among options at Razzle Dazzle aboard Virgin Voyages’ Scarlet Lady. Photo by Susan J. Young.)

Yes, living in the U.S. South, we couldn’t resist the fried green tomatoes and okra. They were quite tasty. While one of our family members typically prepared this dish using thin slices of the green tomatoes, this version instead had tomato chunks.

Overall, though, it proved quite tasty. And now for the main event!

Main Course at Dinner in Razzle Dazzle

For dinner in Razzle Dazzle, the menu included the following dishes, as well as others. They were labeled under multiple categories including smoked, crispy, steamed and poached or low n’ slow braised.

  • Carrots with brown butter crumble, frenola and caramelized yogurt (vegan).
  • Short rib pastrami with rye crisps, roasted cabbage, pickled mustard seed and whole grain mustard sauce.
  • Beets “pierogi” with crispy shallots, chili oil and yogurt sauce.
  • Napa cabbage-wrapped snapper with roasted turnips, charred onion broth and sauteed barley.
  • “The V” fried chicken with a buttermilk biscuit, braised greens and bacon, garlic and aleppo spiced honey.
  • Braised leek mafaldine with grated hazelnut, whipped feta and salsa verde (vegetarian).
  • Slow-cooked short lamb shank with glazed baby vegetables, taleggio cheese puree and red wine sauce.


In general, the menu had a modern, contemporary style, incorporating traditional ingredients too. It was highly inventive, in our view.

In addition, guests could also opt for one “treat yourself” main course option for a $60 added charge. That was a seafood boil with new potatoes, corn and andouille sausage.

Dessert Time at Razzle Dazzle

Needless to say, there were many yummy choices, both for the dinner hour and breakfast/brunch.

If offered at breakfast/brunch, don’t miss the blueberry-green tea cheesecake with a pistachio crust. It’s both vegan and gluten-free. As for dinner, we had this concoction — brimming with creamy chocolate filling (see photo below).

One yummy dessert at dinner at Virgin Voyages' Razzle Dazzle on Scarlet Lady. Photo by Susan J. Young.
(One yummy dessert at dinner at Virgin Voyages’ Razzle Dazzle on Scarlet Lady. Photo by Susan J. Young.)

Sailing on Virgin Voyages

If one has never sailed on Virgin Voyages, it’s a unique experience even for those experienced cruisers who’ve been on many other lines. Frankly, we’re still trying to “soak it all in,” as it was a very different — but frankly fabulous — experience.

As noted earlier, we’ll have a more detailed look at this vacation choice coming up next week. Meanwhile, we’re unpacking, savoring the moments spent aboard and developing a good list of tips and insights for those thinking of a Virgin cruise.

Overall, though, we were VERY satisfied with the entire experience. That’s worth saying.

Cruising the Med and Beyond

“To get a great deal and top-notch service, talk with your personal travel planner at Pavlus Travel about the upcoming voyages on multiple Virgin ships,” says Shelby Steudle, Pavlus’ president.

“For instance, if you’re thinking of sailing September 2025 or beyond, the exciting news is that Virgin Voyages just announced that its newest vessel, Brilliant Lady, will begin sailing next fall,” she adds.

Desire to go sooner? Other Virgin ships are ready and waiting. The line has both Caribbean and European itineraries this summer, for example.

French Daze and Ibiza Nights

From our voyage last week, we can highly recommend the “French Daze & Ibiza Nights” itinerary roundtrip from Barcelona. It’s a lovely French Riviera and Spanish Balearic Islands itinerary.

Guests will go ashore in Marseilles and Cannes, France; Ibiza (overnight) and Palma de Mallorca, Spain. The good news is that the itinerary is operated on multiple dates between now and November.

For example, at press time, pricing for the July 21, 2024, sailing started at $1,906 per cabin (yes, per cabin, not per person). This date is also part of the line’s “Eat and Drink Festival 2024.” Read more about that in this March 2024 blog.

Here’s the Pavlus Travel link for the latest pricing about Virgin’s many trips.  Or use the contact information below!

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