Crystal and A&K Unveil New “Sail and Safari” Deal!

Family on a game drive in East Africa gets up close with an elephant herd. Photo copyrighted by Sanctuary Retreats, provided courtesy of A&K.

Now that Crystal is owned by A&K Travel Group, travelers are starting to see benefits. For instance, for the first time, Crystal and Abercrombie & Kent have teamed up for an exclusive, new “Sail and Safarioffer. Now through December 31, 2024, guests who book a luxury Crystal cruise will save 25 percent on a select A&K Tailor-Made luxury safari.

That’s a great deal, as guests will receive sizable savings on their choice of an African safari to wildlife-rich Botswana or Kenya. Or they can choose an eco-safari within the Galapagos Islands and sail from isle to isle aboard an Ecoventura luxury expedition yacht. 

(Shown in the photo above, travelers on an East Africa game drive get up close with elephants in the wild. Photo copyrighted by Sanctuary Retreats and provided by Abercrombie & Kent.)

Great Partnership Yields Benefits

“The unique partnership between Crystal and Abercrombie & Kent allows us to offer guests exclusive experiences they won’t find anywhere else,” says Cristina Lewis, CEO, A&K Travel Group. “We know that our guests of both brands are eager to explore the world. Not only do they want to cruise to the Caribbean and the South Pacific, but they also want to seek out leopards in the heart of Africa and visit with the indigenous Maasai people of Kenya.”

Important details to know? The 25 percent discount on an A&K safari offer is valid only when that safari is booked in conjunction with a Crystal cruise. Those two trips must be booked at the same time and must be booked no later than December 31, 2023.

The promotion applies for booking of any Crystal cruise departing on or before June 30, 2024, and for an A&K safari departing by December 21, 2024, or if guests sail on certain A&K Galapagos eco-safari dates. Talk with your travel advisor about the timing. 

Step 1: Ready? Pick a Cruise!

First, we’d suggest consumers intrigued by this promotion begin by browsing Crystal’s itineraries. Also, check out the line’s two recently revitalized, ultra-luxury ships. Travelers can choose a voyage operated by the 740-passenger Crystal Serenity or, alternatively, the 606-passenger Crystal Symphony.

From the moment guests step aboard both ships, though, superb service awaits. That’s attributable to a very good crew-to-guest ratio, and also because many former Crystal team members have returned to serve guests. The Meandering Traveler experienced that during a summer 2023 sailing.

A Crystal ship in Moorea, Tahiti. Photo by Crystal.
(A Crystal ship delivers cruise guests to paradise in Moorea, Tahiti. Photo by Crystal.)

Culinary excellence and a fine selection of wines also await Crystal’s guests. For instance, they can savor Asian flavors at the only Nobu restaurant at sea with cuisine by famed Chef Nobu Matsuhisa.

As for voyages to choose from, Crystal’s ships sail in the Mediterranean, Baltic/Northern Europe, the Caribbean, Asia, Australia and beyond. A complete list of voyages can be found on the Crystal website. Again, for the “Sail and Safari” promotional safari savings, just be sure to pick a Crystal voyage that departs on or before June 30, 2024.

Step 2: Next, Select a Safari!

Travelers who’ve picked their cruise can then turn their attention to selecting their land safari. It’s a great deal to receive 25 percent savings on a robust A&K wildlife adventure.

Best of all, the safari can be totally separate from the Crystal voyage in both its timing and geographic focus. For instance, you could select a Crystal cruise through the Mediterranean in early spring 2024, and then plan for a luxurious A&K safari in East Africa later in the year.

Safari guests head out by boat in Botswana to get up close to elephants. Photo copyrighted by Sanctuary Retreats, provided courtesy of Abercrombie & Kent.
(Safari guests head out by boat in Botswana to get up close to elephants. Photo copyrighted by Sanctuary Retreats, provided courtesy of Abercrombie & Kent.)

“Sail and Safari” — Explore the Masai Mara

For example, travelers might opt for a seven-day “Tailor-Made Kenya: The Masai Mara & Beyond.” That “bucket list” trip in Kenya will give travelers a chance to experience two iconic safari destinations.

One is the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, the other the Masai Mara Game Reserve. Guests will have opportunities to spot a diversity of exotic wildlife. Plus, they can meet and visit with indigenous local people. Click on the “Tailor-Made” link above for the itinerary details.

After applying the 25 percent savings, the pricing for this Kenya safari starts at $6,747 per person, double occupancy. Normally, that land safari would be priced starting at $8,995 per person, double occupancy. So, it’s a fabulous discount.

“Sail and Safari” – Into the Delta

Alternatively, travelers might choose an eight-day “Tailor-Made Botswana: Okavango Delta Safari Adventure.” That safari typically is priced from $11,795 per person, double occupancy. But with the 25 percent savings applied, the price drops to $8,846 per person, double occupancy.

In Botswana, travelers will enjoy a river safari and game drives through the country’s best national parks. And they’ll likely never forget the beauty and diverse wildlife of the Okavango Delta. On both itineraries, guests will seek out the “Big Five” and enjoy stays in luxury, award-winning accommodations.

“Sail and Safari” — Galapagos Small-Ship

For guests hoping to cross a “sea safari” off their bucket list, how about a seven-night A&K journey aboard an Ecoventura luxury expedition yacht? In addition, the land itinerary will include an extended stay in Quito, Ecuador.

The Meandering Traveler has explored the Galapagos several times. We simply can’t stress enough how unique that eco-system is. Travelers may experience up-close encounters with many endemic species.

For example, travelers often gaze at giant tortoises, marine iguanas and blue-footed boobies. And it’s truly a thrill to snorkel or go kayaking with sea lions and penguins.

Seals are among the marine life that travelers can spot in the eco-majestic Galapagos Islands. Phto copyrighted by Jean Faucett.
(Travelers can spot seals lounging on Galapagos Island beaches. Photo by Jean Faucett.)

If that appeals to you, then you can choose two different Galapagos yacht experiences on select dates (talk with your travel advisor about the timing). Choices include two different 11-day journeys:

Click on those links for the full Galapagos itineraries. Generally, both those A&K eco-safaris are priced starting at $12,495 per person, double occupancy. But, with the money-saving “Sail and Safari” promotion, presto, the starting price will drop to $9,371 per person, double occupancy.

Step 3: Give Your Travel Advisor a Jingle!

All “Sail and Safari” payments must be made through Crystal. So, we highly recommend contacting your personal travel planner to discuss and handle all the nitty-gritty booking details. That’s important to ensure that you meet both the timing and terms of the “Sail & Safari” promotion.

“Our personal travel planners serve as valuable resources who can answer questions, explain itineraries, talk about product inclusions, help you choose accommodations and more,” says Shelby Steudle, president, Pavlus Travel.

“We sell millions of dollars in both Crystal cruises and A&K tours annually, so we know the products well,” she emphasizes. “Plus, we typically offer either an unadvertised price discount or an added amenity for our customers. And our Pavlus Travel team members pride themselves on providing great service.”

Bucket-List Travel

Crystal and A&K both offer “bucket-list” itineraries to incredible destinations across the globe. From our anecdotal perspective, travelers who return home from an Africa safari and wildlife experience often say that they feel “changed for life” by the experience. Recently, two Pavlus Travel advisors talked in a blog about their unforgettable travels in Africa.

In addition, we’re truly excited to see this first “all in the family” promotional offer from sister brands Crystal and A&K. Executives told us earlier this summer that the two sister brands would tap into each other’s strengths and create new options for travelers. Certainly, this is a good start.

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