Wish You Had Overnights in EVERY Port? Now, You Can!

Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, Turkey, a top attraction. Photo by Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Republic of Turkiye.

Ever wish a luxury cruise could be more akin to a luxury hotel stay? Hotel guests can arrive at a destination, explore day and night, and often spend two or even three days in one city, before they travel to another city and another stay. While cruise lines have certainly added overnights in port, ultra-luxury Regent Seven Seas Cruises just added six new unique Immersive Overnights voyages. These include overnights in EVERY port on the itinerary.

Guests can explore longer and “dive deeper” into local cultures in many beloved destinations. Yes, the trend has been percolating for several years. Other lines too have added an overnight in one port or two to their itineraries.

But the beauty of Immersive Overnights is that guests enjoy an overnight port call every time the ship calls at a destination. That’s truly unique. Plus, some of the new voyages include double overnights in port.

(Shown in the photo above, Istanbul’s Topkapi Palace is one spot for guests to explore as they head out for multiple experiences in Istanbul on an overnight stay. Photo by Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Republic of Turkiye.)

Tracking a Trend

As the new Seven Seas Grandeur debuted in December 2023, The Meandering Traveler sailed aboard and attended a briefing by the line’s executives. One trend they’re seeing is luxury hotel guests who are now desiring to try a luxury cruise. Executives told us that these are travelers who’ve typically said, “I’ll never take a cruise.”

Instead, they simply love their hotel getaways and to fully explore one city or destination for two or three days. But post-pandemic, challenges have risen on the hospitality side in certain destinations. Or hoteliers have changed their offerings and inclusions.

Desire to Try a Cruise but Linger Too

Some luxury hotel guests are increasingly saying, “I think I’ll try a luxury cruise.” But those people still desire to linger in storied destinations. They don’t want to just race off the ship in the morning — knowing they’ll need to return before the ship sails that same day.

So, in December, Regent Seven Seas officials told us that select new voyages were being designed to appeal to those folks. Typically, these travelers love vacationing at a luxury hotel or resort.

Also, the new voyages should also strongly appeal to cruise fans seeking maximum shore time. Now, the six new voyages planned for 2024 and 2025 have been revealed.

Seven Seas Explorer is among the three Regent Seven Seas Cruises ships that will sail "Grand Voyages" in 2024-2025. Photo by Regent Seven Seas Cruises
(Seven Seas Explorer is among the four Regent Seven Seas Cruises ultra-luxury ships that will operate six new “Immersive Overnights” voyages in 2024-2025. Photo by Regent Seven Seas Cruises.)

Overnights in Every Port, Available on Four Ships

Four of six Regent Seven Seas’ ships will offer the new itineraries with overnights in every port. Guests can sail on “Immersive Overnights” voyages in the Mediterranean, Northern Europe and Asia. In addition, these voyages will include special shoreside experiences. That will make each overnight call memorable.

In fact, 26 new evening shore excursions have been created for Regent Seven Seas’ guests. Guests might view world-class art created by Picasso, Rodin, and Munch in the home of a Swedish prince. Or they might enjoy sunset wine-tasting at a Tuscan villa or a Michelin-star dinner in Athens.

Additional evening shore excursions and unique multi-night overland tours in Italy, Croatia, France, Greece, Germany, and Finland are planned as well.

Best of all, “all six sailings are included in Regent’s current ‘Upgrade Your Horizon’ offer in which guests will receive a complimentary two-category suite upgrade and low deposits,” emphasizes Shelby Steudle, president, Pavlus Travel. “That’s for every newly deposited booking on any 2024 cruise made between January 17 and February 29, 2024. So, contact your personal travel planner for any questions you have and learn about all the details.”  

Elevating the Experience

“Regent’s history of innovation is what made us industry leaders in ultra-luxury cruising,” says Andrea DeMarco, president of Regent Seven Seas Cruises. “We continually strive to elevate the unrivaled Regent experience for our discerning and well-traveled guests.”

DeMarco believes that the overnight stays in every port of call “will change the way luxury travelers cruise. These extended overnight experiences will allow guests unparalleled immersion in a range of incredible global destinations from Incheon, South Korea, to Zadar, Croatia, to Stockholm, Sweden.”

More information on Immersive Overnights can be gleaned at the ultra-luxury line’s Immersive Overnights page. 

Overnights in Every Port: “Adriatic Elegance”

One of the new Immersive Voyages is a 10-night “Adriatic Elegance” itinerary on the 698-passenger Seven Seas Voyager.  Departing October 5, 2024, the voyage sails from Trieste, Italy, to Athens (Piraeus), Greece.

Guests will experience an overnight stay in Trieste, Italy; Zadar, Croatia; and Kotor, Montenegro, before the ship sails to Athens for two nights. The voyage also includes two days at sea.

Fares begin at $11,999 per person, double occupancy; that’s the published fare with a two-for-one deal already included. Inclusive fares without air tickets start at $8,899 per person, double occupancy. Be sure to check with your professional travel advisor for assistance and the best deal.

Evening Shore Excursion: Zadar Sunset Serenade

Cruising the sheltered waters of Jazine Bay as the sun begins to set, the ancient city of Zadar is perfect for leisurely exploration. It’s the oldest continuously inhabited city in Croatia.

During one sample shore excursion, guests will disembark at the Sea Organ, marble steps that seem to play harmonic sounds when seawater rushes through pipes fitted with whistles beneath the steps. That’s adjacent to Greeting to the Sun, a solar-powered monument that creates a fantastic evening light show.

Both multi-sensory attractions helped fuel Zadar’s resurgence. In the peninsular city center, guests will see portions of Roman-built fortified walls. They’ll also view an excavated Augustus-era forum.

Overnights in Every Port: “Majestic Mediterranean”

Departing October 27, 2024, Seven Seas Voyager will sail a 10-night Majestic Mediterranean” itinerary from Istanbul, Turkiye, to Barcelona, Spain. Luxury hotel guests and loyal cruise guests who are destination-focused will likely love this sailing.

Here’s why: The ship will overnight in Istanbul; Dubrovnik, Croatia; Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy; and Barcelona. That will give guests more time to explore in those beloved ports, perhaps going ashore for dinner or entertainment.

Plus, guests will enjoy three sea days. Luxury travelers can enjoy spa treatments, enrichment talks or culinary demonstrations. Weather permitting, sunbathing and pool play will unfold on the open deck.

All-inclusive fares are priced from $9,099 per person, double occupancy; that doesn’t include any Wave Season promotional offers, so consult your personal travel planner to chat about the options.

Also, inclusive fares without air tickets start at $6,199 per person, double occupancy. The line’s two-for-one pricing has already been factored into both those starting fares.

Bocelli Music and Art

The Arch of Constantine with the Roman Colosseum in the background. During a Regent Seven Seas Cruises' voyage with overnights in every port -- the "Immersive Overnights" collection -- that's easy to do. Photo by Susan J. Young.
(Among sights that guests will experience on Regent Seven Seas Cruises’ tour of Rome is a view of the ancient Arch of Constantine with the Roman Colosseum in the background. Photo by Susan J. Young.)

In one sample Rome shore excursion, guests can attend a private piano concert and enjoy lunch at a Rome restaurant, as well as see the Eternal City’s signature attractions on a panoramic tour. So, they’ll pass by such storied attractions as the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and Circus Maximus, the massive stadium where the Romans once held chariot races.

During the concert, a pianist accompanied by a singer will perform Italian classics. The lunch that follows will feature wines produced on the Tuscan estate of Andrea Bocelli’s family. The vintages will complement each course, and a sommelier will offer explanations about the wines’ characteristics.

Finally, guests will head out again to explore Vatican City and St. Peter’s Square.

Four More Voyages for Overnights in Every Port

Additional ultra-luxury “Immersive Overnights” voyages” include these:

Mediterranean Tapestry” — On November 15, 2024, the 496-guest Seven Seas Navigator will sail a seven-night “Mediterranean Tapestry” voyage. Traveling from Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy to Barcelona, Spain, travelers will enjoy the best of Italian, French and Catalan art, food, and culture. Port calls will include Tuscany (Livorno), Italy, and Toulon, France. All-inclusive published fares (including two-for-one discounting) are priced from $7,599 per person, double occupancy; starting prices without air tickets begin at $4,599 per person, double occupancy. 

A fresh produce feast for the eyes at a Mediterranean Market. It's easy to explore a market on a luxury cruise with overnights in every port. Photo by James Arnold, Courtesy Regent Seven Seas Cruises.
(Regent Seven Seas’ guests taking an ‘Immersive Overnights” voyage can spend much time ashore, such as exploring a local market. Photo by James Arnold, Courtesy Regent Seven Seas Cruises.)

“Blossoms, Towers and Temples” — The 746-passenger Seven Seas Explorer will operate a 14-night “Blossoms, Towers and Temples” itinerary roundtrip from Tokyo, Japan. Departing March 5, 2025, the ship will overnight in Kyoto (via Kobe), Japan; Seoul (Incheon), South Korea; Shanghai, China; and Tokyo.

All-inclusive pricing begins at $15,899 per person, double occupancy; the two-for-one pricing model is already included. Without air included, those inclusive prices start at $9,599 per person, double occupancy. Also check with your travel agent. Make sure you’re getting any applicable Wave Season perks as Steudle mentioned earlier.    

More in the Med

Flair, Flavor and Culture” — In April 2025, the 746-passenger Seven Seas Splendor will sail a 10-night “Flair, Flavor and Culture itinerary from Monte Carlo, Monaco, to Athens (Piraeus), Greece. One highlight is a double overnight in Salerno, Italy, providing for robust shore time. Plus, the ship will overnight in Ephesus (Kusadasi), Turkiye, and Athens (Piraeus), Greece for one night each.

Salerno played a critical role in Allied troops’ liberation of Italy in World War II. Today, it’s highly valued by travelers for several top attractions. They include Salerno Cathedral, the nearby ancient Greek ruins of Paestum, Arechi Castle, Parco Naturale Diecimare and the city’s Archaeological Museum.

All-inclusive published fares (with two-for-one pricing already included) begin at $11,299 per person, double occupancy. Two-for-one pricing without air tickets starts at $7,299 per person, double occupancy.  

North to the Baltic

Also, on June 27, 2025, Seven Seas Navigator will sail a 10-night “Enchantment in Northern Europe” journey from Copenhagen, Denmark, to Stockholm, Sweden. We like this “Immersive Overnights” voyage. Why? It not only includes overnights in Copenhagen and Helsinki, Finland, but double overnights for Berlin (Warnemunde), Germany, and Stockholm.

So, guests will have three days to explore in those two ports! In Stockholm, Regent Seven Seas’ guests will head out for a private, after-hours evening event at Waldemarsudde, Prince Eugen’s former home. It’s now an acclaimed museum that displays works of Swedish artists, plus art by Picasso, Rodin and Edvard Munch.

All-inclusive pricing begins at $10,799 per person double; the line’s two-for-one discounting approach is already applied for that total. Inclusive pricing without air tickets is $6,999 per person, double occupancy. Additional Wave Season promotions may also apply, so ask your personal travel planner. 

Need Assistance or Have Questions?

For all details about the six ultra-luxury journeys above, go to this Regent Seven Seas Cruises website page. “And give us a call to discuss these unique voyages that provide travelers with overnights in every port, double overnights in some,” says Pavlus’ Steudle.  Just follow the contact information below.

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