Seabourn’s New Solis Restaurant on Seabourn Ovation — First Glimpse!

Solis, Seabourn's new fine dining restaurant, has debuted on Seabourn Ovation. Photo by Seabourn.

Are you eager to dine at SolisSeabourn’s new fine dining restaurant? Well, that’s now possible for guests of Seabourn Quest, where the eatery first opened in January 2024, and Seabourn Ovation, where it just debuted.

Yet to come? The restaurant will be added to Seabourn Encore and Seabourn Sojourn by spring 2024.

So, in this short blog today, we’re sharing three photos that show the physical look and design of the eatery on Seabourn Ovation. Alas, we haven’t yet received photos of the cuisine itself, but we’ll post those when we receive them.

(Shown in the photo above is Solis, Seabourn’s new eatery on Seabourn Ovation. Photo by Seabourn.)

New Solis Creates Mediterranean Tastes

Solis celebrates Mediterranean cuisine inspired by the places visited by the line’s ultra-luxury ships. Guests will savor light, modern cuisine bursting with color and character.

Solis was developed by the line in collaboration with two esteemed chefs. One is Anton Egger, a master chef and Seabourn culinary partner, and the other is Franck Salein, Seabourn’s senior corporate chef.

The new fine dining Solis restaurant on Seabourn Ovation. Photo by Seabourn.
(The new Solis restaurant is now welcoming Seabourn Ovation guests seeking a specialty dining experience. Photo by Seabourn.)

Solis replaces the former Thomas Keller specialty dining restaurants on board. Seabourn and Keller ended that eight-year culinary partnership last year.

One special option? It’s the new outdoor patio dining experience which is exclusively available in the Solis restaurants on Seabourn Ovation, and coming very soon, on Seabourn Encore.

One option at Solis is this outdoor dining option. Photo by Seabourn.
(One option at Solis on Seabourn Ovation is this lovely outdoor dining option. Photo by Seabourn.)

If you want to read more about what the Solis concept is all about, check out this Meandering Traveler blog.

For those who desire to chat about a potential Seabourn cruise, we’d suggest chatting with a personal travel planner. Just follow the contact information below.

If you sail, we send our best wishes for “Bon appetit!”

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