Silver Ray Floated Out! New Silversea Nova-Class Ship Will Sail Soon

Silver Ray floats out of the Meyer Werft construction building in Papenburg, Germany. Photo by Silversea Cruises and Meyer Werft.

On the ultra-luxury cruise front, the 728-passenger Silver Ray floated out from its construction pavilion in Germany. That was the big news headline of the week for Silversea Cruises. It’s the second of Silversea’s innovative Nova-class series of ships.

(Photo of the Silver Ray float out is shown above. Photo provided by Silversea and Meyer Werft.)

So, what’s a float out? Essentially, it’s a step to mark a significant milestone in any new ship’s construction. For example, Silver Ray was floated out from under cover at Meyer Werft’s manufacturing facility in Papenburg, Germany, into the adjacent basin outside.

That means the new-build project is out in the world and moving into its final stages including interior outfitting.

“It’s amazing that the first steel for this ship was cut just 15 months ago,” says Shelby Steudle, president, Pavlus Travel. “We can’t wait to see this luxurious, new ultra-luxury ship when it debuts in the Mediterranean.”

The first cruises with Silversea guests aboard are scheduled for June. For the ultra-luxury line, a brand of Royal Caribbean Group, it’s the sixth fleet addition in just three years. Others introduced were Silver Nova, Silver Dawn, Silver Moon, Silver Origin and Silver Endeavour. And that’s a big wow!

Silver Ray Floated Out

After Meyer Werft’s skilled craftspeople cleaned Silver Ray’s hull, approximately 100,000 cubic meters of water flooded the dock over four hours. Then two tugboats repositioned the ship from the huge construction hall into the harbor basin.

The team subsequently installed the ship’s funnel and radar mast. In observance of shipbuilding traditions, Captain Alessandro Zanello, master of Silver Ray, welded a newly minted, commemorative coin to a wall on the pool deck.

Silver Ray's captain welds a commemorative coin to the pool deck wall in a maritime tradition during the Silver Ray float out.
(Silver Ray’s captain welds a commemorative good luck coin onto a pool deck wall in a maritime tradition during the Silver Ray float out. Photo by Silversea and Meyer Werft.)

Wondering why? Well, that’s a maritime symbol of good luck. Now outfitting of the interior as well as sea trials are next.

“With the float out of Silver Ray, excitement is building for the launch of the second ship in our pioneering Nova-class,” says Barbara Muckermann, president of Silversea. “We received such incredibly strong feedback on Silver Nova from guests, travel advisors, and members of the press following her launch in August 2023.”

Muckermann adds that “sustaining the wave of innovation that is driving our success, the launch of Silver Ray will strengthen Royal Caribbean Group’s unwavering commitment to delivering a lifetime of vacations for guests.”

Here’s a link from Silversea if readers desire to watch a video of the Silver Ray  float out.

Silver Ray Floated Out, Now Sea Trials!

“Reaching the major milestone of the float out, we now approach the completion of Silver Ray,” says Thorsten Kroes, project manager at Meyer Werft. “The Meyer team is now working on getting this beautiful ship ready for her upcoming sea trials.”

Both Silver Nova and Silver Ray have been constructed with pioneering energy efficiency standards. How so? They’re 40 percent more energy efficient than required international standards and regulations.

Silver Ray's construction team at Meyer Werft in Papenburg, Germany, celebrate the Silver Ray float out. Photo provided by Silversea Cruises..
(Silver Ray’s construction team members at Meyer Werft in Papenburg, Germany, celebrate the Silver Ray float out. Photo provided by Silversea Cruises and Meyer Werft.)

As for the onboard product itself, guests on Silver Ray will enjoy the ultra-luxury brand’s customary hallmarks of luxury. Plus, there will be many enhancements, all-new venues, sumptuous suites and new Otium wellness experiences and amenities.

Plus, guests will find recent enhancements to the S.A.L.T. culinary program. That includes the introduction of the S.A.L.T. Chef’s Table, which first debuted on Silver Nova.

Large Expanses of Glass

As with Silver Nova, the new ship also has huge increases in the expanses of glass aboard. Thanks to a unique, horizontal layout, the ship is more open to the outside world — with glass views everywhere from the atrium to the theater and beyond.

In total, Silver Ray will sport a whopping 43,000 square feet of exterior glass. “So, no matter what venue you’re in aboard, in most cases you’ll have a view to the outside world and ports of call,” emphasizes Steudle. “That can create deep immersion into the destination even if you’re staying on the ship that day!”

Silver Ray Floated Out, Next is Ems River

Prior to its sea trials, Silver Ray will undertake a conveyance of 20 miles or so along the Ems River to the North Sea. That’s just prior to the sea trials.

That’s a nail-biting journey for those aboard — typically cruise line technical folks and special guests. The sight of a massive ship in this narrow waterway also draws attention from people ashore, many gathering to watch the ship’s transit.

The Meandering Traveler was fortunate to witness this journey firsthand onboard a Norwegian Cruise Line vessel pre-delivery some years back.  You might check out this YouTube video of the past conveyance along the river in 2021 by Royal Caribbean International’s Odyssey of the Seas.. It gives a good perspective of the route and how tight the passage clearance is.

For More Information

So, there are just a few months of work left before Silver Ray begins service. You can learn more about Silver Ray in this Silversea link as well as view upcoming voyages.

The ship will sail in the Mediterranean this summer and fall. For instance, one eight-day sailing roundtrip from Athens departs October 23, 2024. It’s a good voyage timing-wise, as guests can enjoy two popular countries without the peak summertime crowds.

Ports of call will include Mykonos, Rhodes, Santorini, Souda Bay, and Nafplion, Greece, as well as Bodrum and Kusadasi, Turkiye.

Door-to-door fares with many inclusions start at $8,900 per person, double occupancy, while cruise only fares begin at $6,900.  But talk with your personal travel planner about any promotions, incentives or discounts that may apply.

Expecting a Strong Surge

“Many of Silversea’s loyal past guests have already booked their Silver Ray cruise with us,” says Pavlus Travel’s Steudle. “Why not give us a call to discuss options? The advice is free and we’ll answer all your questions.”

She adds: “Once the ship launches officially, there will likely be a strong surge of interest and many additional bookings. So, it’s best to secure your suite reservation now, prior to all the inaugural hoopla.”

Silver Ray is on the horizon. Will you be aboard?

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