New Silversea Grand Voyage, More Robust Galapagos, New NW Passage

New Silversea voyages in 2025 touch the Arctic, Galapagos and Northern Europe. Photo by Silversea.

Do you love a pampering ultra-luxury cruise? How about traveling to the world’s most unique, authentic destinations? Well, you can couple those two thoughts by booking a new Silversea voyage for 2025.

Recently, this top-shelf line announced a new “Grand North Atlantic and Northern Europe 2025” voyage as well as more Galapagos Islands options and Silver Endeavour’s first Northwest Passage voyage. (See photo of the ship above. Photo by Silversea.)

So, let’s check out a few of the new choices! In particular, The Meandering Traveler likes these highlights set to depart between March and November 2025.

New Silversea Grand Voyage: Northern Atlantic/Europe

Who doesn’t love a longer voyage? After all, cruisers have more time to relax, enjoy superb cuisine, delve into cultural heritage and local traditions, and see the sights in more diverse locales.

That’s why we’re excited about Silversea’s new 83-day “Grand North Atlantic and Northern Europe 2025” itinerary. The good news is that it will depart conveniently close to home — from New York City on June 11, 2025.

Even better, the ship will return to New York at the end of the voyage, so many guests can totally avoid overseas air travel. Yet, it’s definitely a robust grand voyage.

During the nearly three-month-long trip, the 392-passenger Silver Shadow will sail to 55 destinations in 16 countries. From New York, guests will travel through eastern Canada to the British Isles and on to the Baltic Sea, Norwegian fjords and Iceland.

During the ship’s port call at Patreksfjordur in Iceland, for example, travelers can head out to view Dynjandi waterfall and Vatnajokull, Europe’s largest glacier.

Many sheep roam freely on Heimaey in the Westman Islands of Iceland. Photo by Megan Leppert.
(Bucolic scenes such as this one abound in rural Iceland. Photo by Megan Leppert.)

Wide Range of Destinations

Silver Shadow will call at a wide range of destinations. Guests will go ashore in Ireland, the United Kingdom, France, Denmark, The Netherlands, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Norway, Iceland and elsewhere.

Given this ship’s small size compared with many other ocean vessels, guests will also enjoy access to smaller destinations such as Geiranger and Flam, both in Norway.  

At press time, this grand voyage was priced from $67,100 per person, double occupancy. “While this voyage is still more than a year away, and you still have time to plan, it’s best to give us a call now to ask questions,” says Shelby Steudle, president, Pavlus Travel. “In particular, we’d suggest that if you’re interested, lock in your preferred accommodations with a deposit now.”

New Silversea: Enhanced Galapagos

Building on its decade or more of Galapagos experience, Silversea is enhancing its offerings there on the 100-passenger Silver Origin. What’s the scoop?

Well, it’s added new experiences for deeper destination immersion. In addition, the ultra-luxury line has added two new Galapagos destinations — one each on two different itineraries.

Silver Origin’s North Central” itinerary will feature more time on the islands of Isabela and Fernandina in the summer 2025 season. In addition, the ship now takes cruise guests to a new destination for the line – Isla Lobos, San Cristobal.

That isle offers opportunities for snorkeling with sea lions, paddleboarding, and birding. For the December 20, 2025, departure of that itinerary, for example, expedition cruise fares start at $13,400 per person, double occupancy. Talk with your personal travel planner about all the departure options.

In summer 2025, the ship’s “Western” itinerary in the Galapagos is also enhanced. How so? Silver Origin will include a call at Bahia Bowditch, a new destination for Silversea. Guests can relax on a pristine, white-sanded beach and explore coastal trails to lagoons.

Dining in a Lava Tunnel

One unique perk of both itineraries is cuisine-focused. Inspired by the cruise line’s S.A.L.T. culinary program, guests on both Galapagos itineraries will be able to dine on authentic, local cuisine inside a lava tunnel in Santa Cruz.

An added bonus? Travelers will also have more opportunities to dive and fish with local operators. For more information, click on the itinerary links above to get the lineup of port visits as well as the latest pricing.

But then be sure to contact your professional travel advisor for any questions and to assist with the booking — for the best price and top-notch service.

New Silversea: Silver Endeavour’s Arctic & NW Passage 

The Meandering Traveler was fortunate to sail on Silver Endeavour to Antarctica in winter 2022. We loved this intimate, expedition vessel with high-end accommodations (including new luxury suites more recently added), public spaces and an exploratory onboard aura.

At the other end of the Earth, Silversea also has a deep knowledge and experience in the Arctic and Greenland over many years. It also has built strong partnerships with local communities.

Small colorful houses dot the landscape at Sisimuit, Greenland. Photo by Susan J. Young.
(Small colorful houses dot the landscape at Sisimiut, Greenland. Photo by Susan J. Young.)

For example, those include Coral Harbour at Hudson Bay’s north end, and Qaqortoq, and Sisimiut, Greenland. So, it can definitely provide guests with an authentic deep-dive into the Arctic lifestyle.

From May to August 2025, Silver Endeavour and Silver Wind will undertake 14 Arctic region voyages. Nine itineraries will range from seven to 18 days.

Guests will have the opportunity to experience Inuit cultures, spot rare wildlife, and learn about some of the planet’s most remote environments. They’ll also have more opportunities for exploring Svalbard at the best time of year.

Silver Endeavour is shown above in Antarctica. It also sails to the Arctic and will operate its first Northwest Passage voyage in summer 2025. Photo by Susan J. Young.
(Silver Endeavour is shown above in Antarctica. It also sails to the Arctic and will operate its first Northwest Passage voyage in summer 2025. Photo by Susan J. Young.)

Silver Endeavour: First Northwest Passage

Most notably, Silver Endeavour will make its first crossing of the Northwest Passage during the 2025 Arctic season. During this 24-day voyage departing August 24, 2025, guests will journey along the route taken by great explorers of the past.

Dock at Nuuk, Greenland. Photo by Susan J. Young.
(The port at Nuuk, Greenland. Photo by Susan J. Young.)

Guests will sail from Nuuk (Godthab) in Greenland to Nome, AK. Along the way, they’ll call at 22 destinations within Greenland, Canada and the U.S.

For example, in Sisimiut, Greenland, Silversea’s guests can take an included walking tour around town to see the colorful buildings, a historic church and a museum. Then, it’s on to a fun, tasting experience of Greenlandic specialties before guests return on foot to the expedition ship.

Parting Thoughts

From more Galapagos islands to explore to Silver Endeavour’s Northwest Passage voyage, from a new “Grand North Atlantic and Northern Europe” itinerary to new sailings elsewhere — such as in Australia’s Kimberley region — Silversea has curated an enticing summer 2025 lineup.

If you’d like to peruse the complete lineup, then click here for information. You’ll find details on this “Gems and Icons” collection and can peruse a Silversea video there too.

“And when you’re ready with questions and preferences, be sure to give us a call or chat with us online,” says Pavlus Steudle. “We sell millions of dollars each year with Silversea Cruises, so we have unadvertised discount prices and we offer great service too. Why not call us for a quick quote? We’re here to assist you.”

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