Top 5 Destinations for American Travelers This Summer! Can You Guess?

Travelers headed to London this year to see the top sites, such as Buckingham Palace shown here, have new options for luxury hotel stays. Photo by Visit London.

What are the 10 favorite destinations for American travelers this summer? Late last week, we wrote a blog revealing Numbers 6 through 10. Now, it’s time for the top spots. Five, four, three, two and finally the crown jewel, number one! Can you guess?

These are results from a recent Allianz Partners study of air travel for five- to eight-day trips between Memorial Day and Labor Day this summer.

(See photo above illustrating one of the top-rated destinations within the Allianz study. Photo by Visit London)

5. Rome, Italy

“All roads lead to Rome,” is the philosophy of one well-known, idiomatic expression. Translation? A different approach can still achieve similar results.

Well, today’s travelers no longer need to travel to Rome via the Appian Way or another ancient roadway. Instead, they can simply head for the airport and take to the skies this summer.

In the Allianz Partners report, Rome ranked Number 5 of the top international destinations for American travelers. Many can’t wait to savor fine Italian cuisine and wine, while others desire to tour religious sites and visit world-class museums.

And for many, ancient Rome is the big draw. Check out the links below for our extensive, previous blogs for insight on the top “must-do” Roman archaeological sites. Plus, another past blog, in contrast, reveals what to see and do, and where to dine in the Spanish Steps area.

If you’d like to take the whole family on a fun Roman adventure that also explores some other parts of Italy, one option is Tauck’s eight-day “Italia Bella: Rome to Venice” itinerary, a Family Bridges vacation.

“On this fully escorted tour designed just for families, travelers will explore Rome, Orvieto, Florence, Pisa and Venice,” explains Shelby Steudle, president, Pavlus Travel. “Another highlight is that families will visit the Vatican Museums.”

With departures in June, July, August and December 2024 and 2025, this journey starts at $6,590 per person, double occupancy.

4. Edinburgh, Scotland

Coming in at Number 4 on the list of top summer destinations is Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K. Continually ranking high on the Allianz list, Edinburgh moved up two slots from its position at Number 6 last year.

Cobbled streets, magnificent Edinburgh Castle, the “Magnificent Mile” and more await in this Scottish city. One attraction that’s bursting with color and scents is the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. With gorgeous landscaping and blooms, this 70-acre garden is typically free to visitors (except during special events).

One luxurious, escorted way to tour England and Scotland’s national treasures is to book Luxury Gold’s 10-day “Great Britain’s Regal Glory” tour. Starting in London, the escorted tour continues throughout the English and Scottish countryside, and ends in Edinburgh.

Among the historic sites explored on this escorted journey is Edinburgh Castle. Guests will also tour the Tower of London, visit the Roman Baths in Bath, and much more.

This tour has a “balanced” activity level, as rated by Luxury Gold. That means one to three miles of walking per day, and some uneven surfaces at times.

At press time, this tour was priced starting at $7,025 per person, double occupancy.

3. Dublin, Ireland

The Irish capital city, Dublin, ranked high up as Number 3 on the top international destinations for American travelers this summer.  Certainly, the opportunity to listen to Irish music is one top draw.

Here’s a fun page created by the city’s tourism board about the “10 Best Places in Dublin for Traditional Music.” Artistic fans might also enjoy heading out to local museums or just take in the “Best Street Art in Dublin.”

In fact, The Meandering Traveler found the tourism website one of the most interesting we’ve seen of late — in terms of the quality of information. For instance, here’s its helpful Dublin tourism page that serves up ideas for everything from a “Viking Journey through Dublin” to “The Best Georgian Buildings in Dublin,” and “Visit Dublin’s Most Iconic Squares.”

Ireland Intensive

For those wanting to travel this summer, Azamara’s 12-night “Ireland Intensive” voyage nearly encircles the Emerald Isle. Departing July 1, 2024, this voyage on Azamara Onward leaves from Dublin (overnight stay) and ends in Oslo, Norway.

Along the route, it calls at Cobb, Bantry Harbor, Foynes, Galway and Donegal (Killybegs) in Ireland. Also visited are Londonderry and Belfast, Northern Ireland, U.K.; Ullapool, Scotland, U.K.; and Kristiansand, Norway. At press time, pricing started at $2,269 per person, double occupancy. 

Talk with your professional travel advisor, though, as Azamara offers several “Ireland Intensive” voyages with a bit different routing. For example, one “Ireland Intensive” voyage, departing July 1, 2025, sails roundtrip from Dublin.

2. Paris, France

Viking Rdgrid, a Viking Longship, is shown on the Seine River in Paris. Photo by Viking.
(Viking Radgrid, a Viking Longship, is shown on the Seine River in Paris. Photo by Viking.)

Paris — known as “The City of Light” is sure to be a sizzling, vibrant spot this summer. The French capital city ranks Number 2 on the Allianz Partners report for top international travel destinations of American travelers.

Exactly 100 years after they were last hosted in France, the Olympic Games are returning to Paris this summer. Set to kick off July 26, 2024, the 2024 Summer Olympics will run through August 11, 2024.

And for the very first time, France will also host the Paralympic Games, between August 28, 2024, and September 8, 2024. Here a link to the official ticket site in case you’re planning to try to catch some of the Olympic Games action.

Of course, even if you’re not interested in the sports action, Paris has bountiful draws. U.S. President Thomas Jefferson once said that “a walk about Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty, and in the point of life.”

Parisian Factoids

Strolling amid the city’s 6,100 “rues” or streets is a great way to “soak in” its charms. Travelers can sit at a sidewalk cafe and enjoy a fine glass of French wine, stroll through local fresh food markets, admire the city’s architectural design, or look for historic vestiges of Napoleon or French kings.

Whatever visitors choose to do, Paris enchants in many ways. We’d suggest first timers and repeat visitors alike head to the top of the Eiffel Tower for spectacular city views.

Did you know the Eiffel Tower was built for the 1889 World Fair? Yes, and it was supposed to be a “temporary” structure, intended to remain up for only 20 years or so? That’s true and today it’s symbolic of the city.

And if you’re gazing at the Seine River, you might do a “double take” if spotting a smaller version of the Statue of Liberty (the one in New York harbor). Nestled on an island in the midst of the river is one of the city’s several replicas, viewable around town.

Seine River Cruise

Ready for a Seine River cruise? Check out Viking’s Seine River cruises, with ships docked closer to the city center than many other river lines. So, guests have Eiffel Tower views. 

What’s to book? Viking offers many 12-day “Paris & D-Day 80th Anniversary” cruises in 2024. Guests will sail through Normandy and visit D-Day sites, explore fascinating museums and relive epic events of World War II.

These river voyages are priced from $6,499 per person, double occupancy. Guests receive eight guided tours included in the cruise fare.  

1. London, England, U.K.

So, what’s the crown jewel for summer 2024 international travel in the Allianz Partners report? Analyzing flight itineraries* for trips of five to eight days in length between Memorial Day and Labor Day, the travel protection and assistance company confirmed London, England, U.K, holds on to the top position.

That’s nearly double the bookings of Paris, France, the second highest-destination. London, it seems, is the crown jewel for travelers heading out to Europe this year.

"Big Ben" is a top London visitor spot, and travelers are gaining new options for upscale hotel stays in 2023. Photo by Visit London.
(“Big Ben” is a top London visitor spot, and travelers are gaining new options for upscale hotel stays in 2023. Photo by Visit London.)

Here’s a look at the top 10 destination attractions to see or do in London this year. One fabulous way to explore the city is via shore excursion from a luxury line cruise. Here’s one example of  Oceania Cruises’ many Baltic region opportunities.

For example, guests might choose the 11-day “Unbound British Isles” voyage. Sailing May 26, 2026, the 670-passenger Insignia will operate roundtrip from Southampton (London).

This voyage sails to Newcastle, Edinburgh (Rosyth), Aberdeen, Lerwick in the Shetland Islands, Stornoway in the Hebrides, Belfast in Northern Ireland, and Dublin, Cork (Cobb). At press time, pricing started at $4,999 per person, double occupancy.

One interesting factoid is that London has five UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Here’s a look.

Parting Thoughts

So, to summarize, the recent Allianz Partners report lists the top 5 destinations for summer travel in 2024 by Americans as Rome, Italy (5); Edinburgh, Scotland (4); Dublin, Ireland; (3); Paris, France (2); and London, England, U.K. (1).

Where will you head this summer, or are you instead thinking about a fall or winter getaway? Whatever your timing, be sure to contact Pavlus Travel via the contact details below. And then enjoy your trip, whether it’s one of these highly popular spots for Americans this year or somewhere else across the country or across the globe.

Safe travels!

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